Dashboard Disbursement

You can try our system and do a manual disbursement to banks and e-wallets all across Indonesia through our Dashboard > Disbursement!


  • Pick your bank destination code from 140+ bank or e-wallet
  • Input your account number destination
  • choose the transfer method you want to use BiFast or RealTime
  • The system will output the account number’s holder’s name to minimize errors
  • If all the data is correct and you have sufficient funds in your account, you can carry out the transfer.

The disbursement types used will depend on the input amount

  • Fee for e-wallet : 2.500 IDR
  • Fee for bank account : 5.000 IDR
  • Fee for bank account (BiFast) : 2.500 IDR

To disburse funds to multiple bank accounts and e-wallets at the same time, you can use the batch disbursement feature.

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