Disburse funds directly from your online websites or application. By integrating our API Disbursement to your website or online application, you can disburse funds from your website automatically and real time once the command is received by our system.


Our disbursement solution works through API, but you can also access this feature manually from your Duitku dashboard

However, this feature will only be available if you have a business entity (company/foundation) account and if your account has been through our verification process. If you are a corporate merchant and wish to open this disbursement feature, you can contact the Duitku team via telephone, email or through Duitku's sales representatives. The API Key for disbursement will be sent to your registered email address.

Need to disburse funds to up to 1k destinations of different banks and e-wallets? We’ve got you covered! You can access our Batch Disbursement features through our Dashboard.

Who can I disburse to?

We have direct connections to multiple banks that enable us to send disbursements to 140+ banks in Indonesia
You can disburse directly to major e-wallets in Indonesia.
Currently, we support disbursement to these e-wallets:
Wesel Pos Indonesia
(API only)
With Duitku, you can also disburse funds in Cash through Pos Indonesia28k+ retail network! Disburse to individuals directly using their NIK(Identity Card Number) as identification.

Currently due to Indonesia banking regulations, our disbursement service is only available to entity merchants (company or organisation) and only available to send payments in Indonesian Rupiah

Disbursement Types

LimitSettlement TimeFee
(Real Time Online)
Min : Rp. 10.000,
Max : 100.000.000,
except Bank Permata max: Rp. 50.000.000
Real Time5.000 IDR
(Sistem Kliring Nasional) / LLG (Lalu Lintas Giro)
Min : Rp. 10.000,
Max :
Working days

(transaction outside working hours will be processed the next working day)
5.000 IDR
(Real Time Gross Settlement)
Min : Rp. 100.000.000,
Max : Unlimited
Working days

(transaction outside working hours will be processed the next working day)
35.000 IDR
(Bank Indonesia Fast Payment)
Min : Rp. 10.000,
Max : Rp. 250.000.000
Real Time2.500 IDR
Cash Disbursement
(through Pos Indonesia)
Min : Rp. 50.000,
Max : Rp. 2.000.000
Following Pos Indonesia operating hours8.000 IDR
(through Pos Indonesia)
Min : Rp. 50.000,
Max : Rp. 15.000.000
Following Pos Indonesia operating hours25.000 IDR
(ShopeePay, OVO, LinkAja and Dana)
Min :Rp. 10.000,
Max : depending on user’s limit
Real Time2.500 IDR

Bank Account and Name Validation

To avoid errors during transactions. You can ensure that the account number and recipient's name are correct. Duitku has an Inquiry feature that will help you check the destination account. This feature is mandatory, which means that before you can make a transfer transaction to the destination account, you need to make an inquiry first. In order to increase the potential for success of your transactions.

Currently, Duitku has support for transactions using the BI-Fast service. However, for the following services, there are still several beneficiary banks that are still unable to accept this method. To see which banks can accept the BI-Fast method, see here.
Click the image to see clearly
Click the image to see clearly

What happens when the account number and account holder name does not match?

  • Through API: the request can’t be proceeded, you will have to re-input your destination account info.
  • Through Batch Disbursement: The inquiries that match will be carried out directly, while the unmatching input needs to be validated manually by your account admin. Learn more about batch disbursement and manual validation here
You can invite your admins to gain access and manage your disbursement needs by assigning ‘finance’ role in User Team Settings

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