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Getting Started

Duitku makes the integration process as easy as possible. Allows the Duitku payment page to appear on your web page/application after checkout, with a very easy integration process. Hand over your payment to Duitku Pop. Provide optional payments and confirmation of payments made by customers on your page. Only by you bring Duitku pop on your page.


  1. The user performs the checkout operation.
  2. The merchant server makes an API request to the Duitku payment backend to get the DUITKU_REFERENCE.
  3. Duitku payment backend response to the API call with the DUITKU_REFERENCE.
  4. The merchant server constructs the HTML page and sends it back to the browser.
  5. The user verifies the details and clicks the pay button. Merchant's javascript code calls checkout.process(DUITKU_REFERENCE, options).
  6. Duitku payment backend processes the details and responds with the payment status. Then, Duitku JS calls the corresponding callback provided by the merchant's javascript code.
  7. Duitku payment backend notifies the merchant server about the payment status.

Integration Step

Flowchart pop

To connect with Duitku API, There are few things should be known as below.

Merchant Code

Merchant Code is a project code that can be get on dashboard Duitku. This code is used as your project identifier in every transaction. Every projects that have been registered on merchant portal is have a merchant code. See on how to create merchant code here.


API (Application Programming Interface) is an authentication code to access Duitku API. API key use to prevent dangerous user or malware. As merchant code, API key can be found in every projects that have been registered on merchant portal as pairs.

Supported Browsers


Browser Version
Chrome 26 and above
Firefox 29 and above
Internet Explorer 10 and above
Safari 6 and above


Browser Version
Chrome 32 and above
Android 4.4 and above
Safari 8 and above


You can use Duitku Library for integration and to start transaction using Duitku on your web or application. For further step you may see Duitku Library on the package repository at each library. Click the link below.

Backend Integration or Server Side

The backend integration goal is to acquire DUITKU_REFERENCE by providing payment information. We provide an HTTP API to do this.

Create Invoice

Create Invoice API is used to get Duitku's reference by sending requirement parameters to the API. Merchant will get Duitku's reference, payment URL as a response from API.

Basic Authentication

Basic Authentication that Duitku uses is signature, timestamp, and merchant code that are sent within request headers.

The signature is the transaction identification code. Contains transaction parameters that have been hashed using the SHA256 hashing method. The hash parameter is merchant code, timestamp, then API key, and should be in order.

The timestamp is a UNIX timestamp in milliseconds within our timezone (Jakarta). The UNIX timestamp is a way to track time as a running total of seconds.

The merchant code is a project ID that has been created and registered at the Duitku merchant page.


Request Headers

To create a valid HTTP request, the merchant needs to use headers like in below:

Request Parameter

    "paymentAmount": 40000,
    "merchantOrderId": "1648542419",
    "productDetails": "Test Pay with duitku",
    "additionalParam": "",
    "merchantUserInfo": "",
    "customerVaName": "John Doe",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "phoneNumber": "08123456789",
    "itemDetails": [{
        "name": "Test Item 1",
        "price": 10000,
        "quantity": 1
    }, {
        "name": "Test Item 2",
        "price": 30000,
        "quantity": 3
    "customerDetail": {
        "firstName": "John",
        "lastName": "Doe",
        "email": "[email protected]",
        "phoneNumber": "08123456789",
        "billingAddress": {
            "firstName": "John",
            "lastName": "Doe",
            "address": "Jl. Kembangan Raya",
            "city": "Jakarta",
            "postalCode": "11530",
            "phone": "08123456789",
            "countryCode": "ID"
        "shippingAddress": {
            "firstName": "John",
            "lastName": "Doe",
            "address": "Jl. Kembangan Raya",
            "city": "Jakarta",
            "postalCode": "11530",
            "phone": "08123456789",
            "countryCode": "ID"
    "callbackUrl": "https:\/\/\/api-pop\/backend\/callback.php",
    "returnUrl": "https:\/\/\/api-pop\/backend\/redirect.php",
    "expiryPeriod": 10
    $merchantCode = 'DXXXXX'; // from duitku
    $merchantKey = 'XXXXXXXCX17XXXX5XX5XXXXXX0X3XXAF'; // from duitku
    $paymentAmount = 40000;
    $merchantOrderId = time() . ''; // from merchant, unique
    $productDetails = 'Test Pay with duitku';
    $email = '[email protected]'; // email customer merchant
    $phoneNumber = '08123456789'; // customer merchant phone number (optional)
    $additionalParam = ''; // optional
    $merchantUserInfo = ''; // optional
    $customerVaName = 'John Doe'; // Show customer name on the bank view
    $callbackUrl = ''; // URL untuk callback
    $returnUrl = ''; // URL untuk redirect
    $expiryPeriod = 10; // expire transaction time in minutes
    $signature = hash('sha256', $merchantCode.$timestamp.$merchantKey);
    //$paymentMethod = 'VC'; //use for directional payment

    // Detail Customer
    $firstName = "John";
    $lastName = "Doe";

    // Alamat
    $alamat = "Jl. Kembangan Raya";
    $city = "Jakarta";
    $postalCode = "11530";
    $countryCode = "ID";

    $address = array(
        'firstName' => $firstName,
        'lastName' => $lastName,
        'address' => $alamat,
        'city' => $city,
        'postalCode' => $postalCode,
        'phone' => $phoneNumber,
        'countryCode' => $countryCode

    $customerDetail = array(
        'firstName' => $firstName,
        'lastName' => $lastName,
        'email' => $email,
        'phoneNumber' => $phoneNumber,
        'billingAddress' => $address,
        'shippingAddress' => $address

    $item1 = array(
        'name' => 'Test Item 1',
        'price' => 10000,
        'quantity' => 1);

    $item2 = array(
        'name' => 'Test Item 2',
        'price' => 30000,
        'quantity' => 3);

    $itemDetails = array(
        $item1, $item2

    /*For payment Credit Card
    $creditCardDetail = array (
        'acquirer' => '014',
        'binWhitelist' => array (

    $params = array(
        'paymentAmount' => $paymentAmount,
        'merchantOrderId' => $merchantOrderId,
        'productDetails' => $productDetails,
        'additionalParam' => $additionalParam,
        'merchantUserInfo' => $merchantUserInfo,
        'customerVaName' => $customerVaName,
        'email' => $email,
        'phoneNumber' => $phoneNumber,
        'itemDetails' => $itemDetails,
        'customerDetail' => $customerDetail,
        //'creditCardDetail' => $creditCardDetail,
        'callbackUrl' => $callbackUrl,
        'returnUrl' => $returnUrl,
        'expiryPeriod' => $expiryPeriod
        //'paymentMethod' => $paymentMethod

    $params_string = json_encode($params);
    //echo $params_string;
    $url = ''; // Sandbox
    // $url = ''; // Production
    $ch = curl_init();

    $timestamp = round(microtime(true) * 1000); //in milisecond

    curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $url); 
    curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_CUSTOMREQUEST, "POST");                                                                     
    curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, $params_string);                                                                  
    curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true);                                                                      
    curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, array(                                                                          
        'Content-Type: application/json',                                                                                
        'Content-Length: ' . strlen($params_string),
        'x-duitku-signature:' . $signature ,
        'x-duitku-timestamp:' . $timestamp ,
        'x-duitku-merchantcode:' . $merchantCode    
    curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, FALSE);

    //execute post
    $request = curl_exec($ch);
    $httpCode = curl_getinfo($ch, CURLINFO_HTTP_CODE);

    if($httpCode == 200)
        $result = json_decode($request, true);
        //header('location: '. $result['paymentUrl']);
        echo "paymentUrl :". $result['paymentUrl'] . "<br />";
        echo "merchantCode :". $result['merchantCode'] . "<br />";
        echo "reference :". $result['reference'] . "<br />";
        echo "vaNumber :". $result['vaNumber'] . "<br />";
        echo "amount :". $result['amount'] . "<br />";
        echo "statusCode :". $result['statusCode'] . "<br />";
        echo "statusMessage :". $result['statusMessage'] . "<br />";
        echo $httpCode;
curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'x-duitku-signature: sample string' \
--header 'x-duitku-timestamp: 1629219840000' \
--header 'x-duitku-merchantcode: D0001' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
   "productDetails":"Test Pay with duitku",
   "customerVaName":"John Doe",
   "email":"[email protected]",
         "name":"Test Item 1",
         "name":"Test Item 2",
      "email":"[email protected]",
         "address":"Jl. Kembangan Raya",
         "address":"Jl. Kembangan Raya",
Parameter Type Required Description Example
paymentAmount integer

Payment amount. 150000
merchantOrderId string(50)

Order ID from merchant. abcde12345
productDetails string(255)

Product detail. Payment for Example Store
email string(255)

Your customer email. [email protected]
additionalParam string(255)

Additional parameter (optional).
merchantUserInfo string(255)

Username or email customer (optional). [email protected]
customerVaName string(20)

The name will appear on the bank's payment confirmation page. John Doe
phoneNumber string(50)

Customer phone number (optional). 08123456789
itemDetails Object

Item Details (optional).
customerDetail CustomerDetail

Customer Detail.
returnUrl string(255)

URL for redirect when the transaction is finish or canceled.
callbackUrl string(255)

URL for transaction Callback.
expiryPeriod integer

The validity period of the transaction before it expires. For details expiryPeriod can be found here. 5, 10 or 60 (in minutes)
paymentMethod string

Payment Method is a payment gateway code. VC
creditCardDetail creditCardDetail

A detail parameter for credit card payment method (optional).

Duitku uses merchantCode and apiKey to allow access to the API. You can register a new merchantCode at our Merchant Portal.

Response Parameters

    "merchantCode": "DXXXX",
    "reference": "DXXXXS875LXXXX32IJZ7",
    "paymentUrl": "",
    "statusCode": "00",
    "statusMessage": "SUCCESS"
Parameter Type Description Example
merchantCode string Merchant code from Duitku. D0001
reference string Reference from Duitku (need to be saved on your system). DXXXXS875LXXXX32IJZ7
paymentUrl string Payment URL if you want to use Duitku payment page.
statusCode string Response status code. 00
statusMessage string Response status. Success

JSON Object

Collection of JSON objects.

Item Details

"itemDetails": [{
    "name": "Apel",
    "quantity": 2,
    "price": 50000
Parameter Type Required Description Example
name string(50)

Name of the item. Apel
quantity integer

Quantity of the item bought. 2
price integer

Price of the item.
Note: Don't add decimal.

Customer Detail

"customerDetail": {
    "firstName": "John",
    "lastName": "Doe",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "phoneNumber": "081234567890",
    "billingAddress": {
      "firstName": "John",
      "lastName": "Doe",
      "address": "St Panjang",
      "city": "Jakarta",
      "postalCode": "41011",
      "phone": "081234567890",
      "countryCode": "ID"
    "shippingAddress": {
      "firstName": "John",
      "lastName": "Doe",
      "address": "St Panjang",
      "city": "Jakarta",
      "postalCode": "41011",
      "phone": "081234567890",
      "countryCode": "ID"
Parameter Type Required Description Example
firstName string(50)

Customer first name. John
lastName string(50)

Customer last name. Doe
email string(50)

Customer email. [email protected]
phoneNumber string(50)

Customer phone number. 081234567890
billingAddress Address

Customer billing address.
shippingAddress Address

Customer shipping address.


  "firstName": "John",
  "lastName": "Doe",
  "address": "St Panjang",
  "city": "Jakarta",
  "postalCode": "41011",
  "phone": "081234567890",
  "countryCode": "ID"
Parameter Type Required Description Example
firstName string(50)

Customer first name. John
lastName string(50)

Customer last name. Doe
address string(50)

Address for billing or shipping. St Panjang
city string(50)

City description for the address. Jakarta
postalCode string(50)

Postal code for the address. 41011
phone string(50)

Phone number for billing or shipping. 081234567890
countryCode string(50)

ISO 3166-1 alpha-3. ID - for Indonesia

Credit Card Detail

The following are additional parameters for transaction requests using the optional creditcard switcher channel.

"creditCardDetail": {
  "binWhitelist":["014","022", "400000"]
Parameter Type Required Description Example
acquirer string(3)

You can specify which bank Acquirer will be used for the transaction.
014 for BCA.
022 for CIMB.
binWhitelist array string(3)

Parameters to limit which card that allowed on the transaction. Using bank code(3 digits) or credit card bin number(6 digits). Maximum list is 15 bin(s). 014, 022, 400000


    $apiKey = 'YOUR_MERCHANT_KEY_HERE'; // Your API key
    $merchantCode = isset($_POST['merchantCode']) ? $_POST['merchantCode'] : null; 
    $amount = isset($_POST['amount']) ? $_POST['amount'] : null; 
    $merchantOrderId = isset($_POST['merchantOrderId']) ? $_POST['merchantOrderId'] : null; 
    $productDetail = isset($_POST['productDetail']) ? $_POST['productDetail'] : null; 
    $additionalParam = isset($_POST['additionalParam']) ? $_POST['additionalParam'] : null; 
    $paymentCode = isset($_POST['paymentCode']) ? $_POST['paymentCode'] : null; 
    $resultCode = isset($_POST['resultCode']) ? $_POST['resultCode'] : null; 
    $merchantUserId = isset($_POST['merchantUserId']) ? $_POST['merchantUserId'] : null; 
    $reference = isset($_POST['reference']) ? $_POST['reference'] : null; 
    $signature = isset($_POST['signature']) ? $_POST['signature'] : null; 
    $publisherOrderId = isset($_POST['publisherOrderId']) ? $_POST['publisherOrderId'] : null; 
    $spUserHash = isset($_POST['spUserHash']) ? $_POST['spUserHash'] : null; 
    $settlementDate = isset($_POST['settlementDate']) ? $_POST['settlementDate'] : null; 
    $issuerCode = isset($_POST['issuerCode']) ? $_POST['issuerCode'] : null; 

    //log callback untuk debug 
    // file_put_contents('callback.txt', "* Callback *\r\n", FILE_APPEND | LOCK_EX);

    if(!empty($merchantCode) && !empty($amount) && !empty($merchantOrderId) && !empty($signature))
        $params = $merchantCode . $amount . $merchantOrderId . $apiKey;
        $calcSignature = md5($params);

        if($signature == $calcSignature)
            //Callback is valid
            //You might update your payment status here
            // file_put_contents('callback.txt', "* Success *\r\n\r\n", FILE_APPEND | LOCK_EX);

            // file_put_contents('callback.txt', "* Bad Signature *\r\n\r\n", FILE_APPEND | LOCK_EX);
            throw new Exception('Bad Signature')
        // file_put_contents('callback.txt', "* Bad Parameter *\r\n\r\n", FILE_APPEND | LOCK_EX);
        throw new Exception('Bad Parameter')
curl --location --request POST 'http:\/\/\/callback' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \
--data-urlencode 'merchantOrderId=abcde12345' \
--data-urlencode 'amount=150000' \
--data-urlencode 'merchantCode=DXXXX' \
--data-urlencode 'productDetails=Pembayaran untuk Toko Contoh' \
--data-urlencode 'additionalParam=contoh param' \
--data-urlencode 'paymentCode=VA' \
--data-urlencode 'resultCode=00' \
--data-urlencode '[email protected]' \
--data-urlencode 'reference=DXXXXCX80TXXX5Q70QCI' \
--data-urlencode 'signature=506f88f1000dfb4a6541ff94d9b8d1e6'\
--data-urlencode 'publisherOrderId=MGUHWKJX3M1KMSQN5'\
--data-urlencode 'spUserHash=xxxyyyzzz'\
--data-urlencode 'settlementDate=2023-07-25'\
--data-urlencode 'issuerCode=93600523'

When the customer makes a payment. Duitku will send an HTTP POST that includes the results of paying a bill from a customer. To process the results of transactions made by customers, Merchants need to provide a page to receive the callback.


Parameter Description Example
merchantCode Merchant code from Duitku. D0010
paymentAmount Payment amount. 150000
merchantOrderId Order ID from merchant. abcde12345
productDetail Product detail. Payment for Example Store
additionalParam Additional parameter (optional).
paymentCode Payment method. VC
resultCode Payment status. 00 - Success
01 - Failed
merchantUserId User ID from merchant. [email protected]
reference Reference from Duitku, save this to trace the transaction. D0010E65V0MLAI4M2O4S
signature Signature. Formula: MD5(merchantcode + amount + merchantOrderId + merchantKey)
publisherOrderId Unique transaction payment number from Duitku, save this to trace the transaction. MGUHWKJX3M1KMSQN5
spUserHash Will be sent to your callback if the payment method using ShopeePay(QRIS, App, and Account Link). If this string parameter contains alphabet and numeric, then it might been paid by Shopee itself. xxxyyyzzz
settlementDate Settlement date estimation information.
Format: YYYY-MM-DD
issuerCode QRIS issuer code information.
See issuer list here.
*except for QRIS Link Aja payment method.

Frontend Integration or View Side

General Review

The frontend integration goal is to show Duitku payment page within your site.

Include duitku.js into your page so Duitku checkout module is available.

You can start the payment process by calling checkout.process with DUITKU_REFERENCE acquired from backend integration as the parameter.

Duitku JS module location

You can add script tag between your HTML head tag.

<script src=""></script>

<script src=""></script>

Duitku JS

After you include Duitku JS script tag you can use object checkout.

process(duitkuReference, options)

checkout.process(result.reference, {
    defaultLanguage: "id", //optional to set default language
    successEvent: function(result){
    // your code here
        alert('Payment Success');
    pendingEvent: function(result){
    // your code here
        alert('Payment Pending');
    errorEvent: function(result){
    // your code here
        alert('Payment Error');
    closeEvent: function(result){
    // your code here
        console.log('customer closed the popup without finishing the payment');
        alert('customer closed the popup without finishing the payment');

Start Duitku payment page.


Name Type Description
duitkuReference string Duitku reference get from backend integration.
options.defaultLanguage string (optional) Language settings.
en - english.
id - indonesian language.
options.successEvent function (optional) Payment success callback (00).
options.pendingEvent function (optional) Payment pending callback (01).
options.errorEvent function (optional) Payment error callback.
options.closeEvent function (optional) Called if customer closed the payment popup without finishing the payment (02).

JS Callback

Transaction Result

    "resultCode": "00",
    "merchantOrderId": "abcde12345",
    "reference": "qwerty12345"

The object representing transaction result passed to Duitku callback.

Name Type Description
resultCode string Result code from Duitku.
merchantOrderId string Order ID from merchant.
reference string Reference from Duitku.

Window Redirection

There is an alternative technique to load the pop UI page instead of calling duitku.js, this method call window redirection. Merchants can utilize the response value in paymentUrl from the Create Pop Token request. Merchants don’t have to load duitku.js on their page, as the user is redirected to a page that is hosted by Duitku. For language configuration you may add &lang=en query parameter on the paymentUrl as below.

Other than language configuration duitku has rates convert configuration. You may add &currency=USD query parameter. Duitku supports 2 conversions, There are:

With this redirection merchants can load the pop page in full window mode view like this:


After the transaction and billing request is formed, from the Duitku payment page(Window Redirection), user will be redirect to the address provided in the Create Invoice(returnUrl) parameter after payment or via the return button. And at the time of the redirect, Duitku will include several related billing parameters. You'll need to create a landing page in this return URL address.




Parameter Description Example
merchantOrderId Order ID from merchant. abcde12345
reference Reference from Duitku. D0010E65V0MLAI4M2O4S
resultCode Result code. 00

Payment Method

Here are some payment methods available on Duitku and you could use. You can put payment method(paymentMethod) on parameter create invoice, as a step to set direct payment to specific payment. Customers will be directed to wanted payment without necessary to pick a payment.

Payment Type Payment Code Description
Credit Card


(Visa / Master Card / JCB)
Virtual Account


BCA Virtual Account


Mandiri Virtual Account


Maybank Virtual Account


BNI Virtual Account


CIMB Niaga Virtual Account


Permata Bank Virtual Account


ATM Bersama


Bank Artha Graha


Bank Neo Commerce/BNC






POS Indonesia




OVO (Support Void)


ShopeePay Apps (Support Void)


LinkAja Apps (Fixed Fee)


LinkAja Apps (Percentage Fee)












Gudang Voucher


Indodana Paylater



Issuer List (QRIS)

Code Issuer
93600999 AHDI
93600947 Aladin Syariah
93600567 Allo Bank Indonesia
93600531 Amar
93600822 Astrapay
93600116 Bank Aceh Syariah
93600037 Bank Artha Graha Internasional
93600133 Bank BPD Bengkulu
93600124 Bank BPD Kalimantan Timur dan Kalimantan Utara
93600161 Bank Ganesha
93600513 Bank Ina Perdana
93600113 Bank Jateng
93600123 Bank Kalbar
93600122 Bank Kalsel
93600441 Bank KB Bukopin
93600121 Bank Lampung
93600157 Bank Maspion
93600553 Bank Mayora
93600548 Bank Multiarta Sentosa
93600490 Bank Neo Commerce
93600128 Bank NTB Syariah
93600019 Bank Panin
93600132 Bank Papua
93600115 Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jambi
93600494 Bank Raya
93600119 Bank Riau Kepri
93600523 Bank Sahabat Sampoerna
93600152 Bank Shinhan
93600126 Bank Sulsel
93600120 Bank Sumselbabel
93600023 Bank UOB Indonesia
93600808 Bayarind
93600014 BCA
93600536 BCA Syariah
93600501 BCAD
93600815 Bimasakti Multi Sinergi
93600110 BJB
93600425 BJB Syariah
93600919 BluePay
93600009 BNI
93600129 BPD Bali
93600112 BPD DIY
93600130 BPD NTT
93600114 BPD-JATIM
93600002 BRI
93600422 BRIS Pay
93600200 BTN
93600076 Bumi Arta
93600031 Citibank
93600950 Commonwealth
93600915 Dana
93600011 Danamon
93600046 DBS MAX QRIS
93600111 DKI
93600899 Doku
93600998 DSP
93600827 Fello
93600777 Finpay
93600813 GAJA
93600914 Go-Pay
93600916 Gudang Voucher
93600484 Hana bank
93600789 IMkas
93600920 Isaku
93600542 JAGO
93600213 Jenius
93600812 Kaspro
93600911 LinkAja
93600008 Mandiri Pay
93600016 Maybank
93600426 Mega
93600821 Midazpay
93600485 Motion Banking
93600147 Muamalat
93600118 Nagari
93600814 Netzme
93600022 Niaga
93600503 Nobu
93600028 OCBC
93600811 OTTOCASH
93600912 OVO
93600820 PAC Cash
93600818 Paydia
93600917 Paytrend
93600013 Permata
93608161 POS Indonesia
93600167 QNB Indonesia
93600921 Saldomu
93600535 Seabank
93600918 ShopeePay
93600153 Sinarmas
93600816 SPIN
93600451 Syariah Indonesia
93600898 T-Money
93600828 TrueMoney
93600835 Virgo
93600830 YODU
93600817 Yukk
93600825 Zipay


HTTP Response

Error Code Error Name Description
400 Bad Request There is something wrong with the request that has been sent to the API.
400 Amount is different please try again later. This error happen because you try to re-hit or try to re-create invoice in one moment with the same order Id but with different amount.
401 Unauthorized Access being rejected because authorization.
404 Not Found The page or API is not recognized.
409 The transaction is still in progress. This error happen because you try to re-hit or try to re-create invoice in one moment with the same order Id. (While the firts request is still on process).
500 Internal Server Error Error in the server when trying to process the request.

API Response


Response Code Response Name Description
00 Success Transaction has been successfully paid.
02 Failed Transaction has been failed.


Response Code Response Name Description
00 Success Transaction has been pay.
01 Process Transaction has not been pay.
02 Canceled/Failed Transaction canceled or not being paid.


Here is a list of dummy transaction credentials that can be used to make a transaction in the sandbox environment.

Credit Card

3D Secure Transaction

Card Type Credit Card Number Valid Thru CVV
VISA 4000 0000 0000 0044 03/33 123
MASTERCARD 5500 0000 0000 0004 03/33 123

Virtual Account

Demo transaction virtual account sandbox click-here.



For shopee testing you can download shopeeapp staging apk here.



Phone Number PIN
081282325566 000000


Successful Scenario

Country Code Mobile OTP
ID +62811000122 7524

Failure Scenario

Country Code Mobile OTP
ID +62810000001500 1111

Pop API Demo

Pop API Demo click-here.

Sample Project

For a sample you can see at our Github link here.